The University of South Australia welcomes students from around 50 different international sponsors including;

Sponsored students receive funding from their home government, university or employer to study at UniSA. Tuition fees are generally paid to the University by the sponsor on the student’s behalf and a living allowance may also be paid to the student. Sponsored students generally follow our usual application process. Here's How to Apply. If you already have an offer, please see How to Accept.

Financial Guarantees

When you accept your offer, you must provide a Financial Guarantee letter which details:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your sponsor name, address and contact details on their letterhead
  • Name of the program and the University covered by the sponsorship
  • Duration of the sponsorship
  • Inclusions – Tuition fees, OSHC, books, printing etc

This will enable us to set up an account with your sponsor for your tuition fees. 

Support for sponsored students

  • A dedicated staff member will liaise with your sponsor
  • A specific Orientation session for sponsored students will be held at the beginning of Study Periods 2 and 5.
  • An International Student Officer is based on each Campus to assist you with queries regarding academic or personal issues

Academic progress

We will send Academic Reports to your sponsor twice per year via email, usually in July and December.  Upon acceptance of your offer, we will obtain your consent to release personal information, such as academic progress to your sponsor. This ensures that we comply with South Australian privacy legislation and University policy as well as obligations to your sponsor.  

Your obligations

Before taking leave or making any changes to your program, visa or COE you must submit the relevant form to Campus Central. Campus Central will liaise with our Sponsored Student team to obtain approval from your sponsor. If your Financial Guarantee expires or is cancelled prior to the completion of your program, you will be responsible for any outstanding and future tuition fees. If you are granted an extension of sponsorship by your sponsor, you will need to provide the new Financial Guarantee to Campus Central to have the tuition fees allocated to your sponsors account.