Item  Item Detail  Approximate Cost $AUD
Academic Transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) Academic transcript & AHEGS (online) $35
Academic transcript (online) $25
AHEGS (online) $25
Academic transcript & AHEGS (online & printed) $60
Academic transcript (online & printed) $50
AHEGS (online & printed) $50
Domestic express post $5
International courier $20
ID Card New $0
Replacement $10
Parchment  Replacement parchment (online) $50
Replacement parchment (online & printed) $75
Postage to Australian Address $10
Courier to overseas address $20
SSAF Domestic $8.69 per unit
Up to a maximum of $313 per year
International N/A
Equivalent fee is incorporated into the tuition fees
International exchange student  $8.69 per unit
Up to a maximum of $313 per year
Printing  Printing over quota  $0.10 per page
Print Top Ups top ups based on course $any
Graduation Gown Gown hire fee $50
Thesis printing  For examination, where requested up to $300
Cost varies depending on printing provider used and whether one or both examiners request a copy. Most examiners will work from the electronic copy provided so this fee is not applicable all the time.
Off campus exam application Secondary exam outside of SA $150
Internal students sitting secondary exam where home address is outside of SA OR registered with the Elite Athlete & Performer Program. Fee is per exam.
Graduation Guest Tickets Graduation Guest Tickets for ceremonies $20
Overseas Professional Registration Students seeking documentation to support professional registration outside of Australia $125
($100 Admin Fee, $25 Transcript)