• Bachelor of Science LBSC minus-thick plus-thick
    Course Item Description Approximate Cost $AUD Compulsory /Optional Comments
    BIOL 1015 Student must pay for their own transportation to field sites (there are options for a number of sites around Adelaide), field notebook, personal protective clothing for in the field (hat, sunscreen, raincoat, sturdy shoes), insect $100 Compulsory This course has a large fieldwork component. The students will travel to a study site in a park near Adelaide (there are a number of options so that students can select a site near them). Most of the equipment required is available on loan through UniSA; however, they will need to cover costs of transport and for things like personal protective clothing.
    BIOL 1015 First aid kit, field survey equipment (i.e. compass, trowel, ruler, 60 m tape measure, hand lens, pin flags, data sheets, GPS,  binoculars), ID books (that can be used during practical classes). $100 Optional  
    BIOL 2023 Long pants, closed shoes, long-sleeve shirt, hat, raincoat $250 Compulsory  
    BIOL 2023 Food and catering $150 Compulsory  
    BIOL 2023 Compass, binoculars, hand lens, bird book, watch, field notebook $150 Compulsory  
    ENVT 3020 Printing of required documents $40 Compulsory  
    ENVT 3020 Purchase of copyright-material from Harvard School of Negotiation $40 Compulsory  
    ENVT 3028 Long pants, closed shoes, long-sleeve shirt, hat, raincoat $250 Compulsory  
    ENVT 3028 Transport and food  $300 Compulsory  
    ENVT 3028 Compass, hand lens, field notebook $100 Compulsory  
    MATH 3040 Headset $30 Optional For online delivery, a headset would be required.