• Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine (Honours) IHBL minus-thick plus-thick
    Item Description Approximate Cost $AUD Compulsory /Optional Comments
    DCSI clearance for placement $60 Compulsory  Students are required to undertake a Working With Children Check through the Department of Human Services (DHS) Screening Unit. 
    Immunisation  Bulk billed at UniSA clinics Compulsory  Students are required to receive several immunisations for placement 
    Placement / Field trips Travel costs to and from the location Compulsory  Students are required to undertake placement 
    Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as lab coats, safety glasses & closed in shoes. Sound internet connection, headset/earphones, webcam for online course offerings PPE $250; webcam/earphones $150  Compulsory Students can purchase PPE from any supplier and thus cost will vary. Students can also use it for several courses e.g. chemistry & immunology. 
    Textbooks (8-12) up to $150 per book - in total up to $1800 Optional  While textbooks are strongly recommended they are not compulsory. Some textbooks can be borrowed from the library or optional etexts that are cheaper can be used. For many courses the textbook includes access to online platforms that provide students with a plethora of optional revision material.
    Computer and internet connection up to $4,000 Optional