Applications, scholarships and visas

Find out everything you need to know about accepting your offer or starting your application, as well as visa requirements and scholarships that you may be eligible for.

Step 1
Find your degree

Explore a range of degrees and discover the possibilities.

Step 2
Check entry requirements

Make sure you’re aware of both University and individual degree entry requirements.

Step 3

Apply directly

You can apply directly via our secure international application system. Save your application and return later to continue the process and track your progress.

Education Agents

Depending on your country of citizenship, you may be required to apply through one of our registered Education Agents.

Step 4
Application assessment

We’ll let you know the outcome of your application within one to two weeks from the date received (including all supporting documentation required).

If you’re eligible for your chosen degree, an offer letter will be emailed to you or your Education Agent. If you’re not eligible, we may suggest alternative programs or pathway studies.

Step 5
Accept your offer

If you’re ready to accept a place in your offered degree, you’ll need to:

If you have an Education Agent, they can help you accept your offer via student-unisa.studylink.com


Find out if you're eligible

Every year, over 2,500 UniSA students are supported in their studies through scholarships and grants worth millions of dollars. Check out the scholarships below to see which ones you may be eligible for.

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