Hassan | Master of Project Management graduate | Now working as an Assistant Project Manager at Sensum, in Adelaide

Maximise your career opportunities with two master qualifications

UniSA allows engineering students to complete two master degrees in just two years, with a package that combines a Master of Engineering with a Master of Project Management.

As the global workforce becomes more competitive, the need for diverse and extensive knowledge is more important than ever. Project management is a highly regarded discipline, with demand increasing for individuals with project management skills.

The two masters in two years package allows you to:

  • Increase your earning potential with not one but two postgraduate-level qualifications
  • Expand your career opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the job market
  • Gain insight into different industries and different ways of thinking
  • Save valuable time and money

Who can apply 

This offering is available to either:

  • Bachelor of Engineering graduates – as a two masters in two years package
  • Current UniSA Master of Engineering students – who can complete their first master, then progress onto a 1-year Master of Project Management

Bachelor of Engineering graduates 

UniSA is offering our two masters in two years package to Bachelor of Engineering graduates from: 

Completed Bachelor Degree Two Masters in Two Years Package
Any Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Civil related Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 

For information on what courses you'll study as part of your fast-track master please see the relevant program homepage and scroll down to Degree structure. The Rules & notes section will specify the courses you'll be exempted from and courses remaining.

Current UniSA master students  

Current UniSA students studying engineering master degrees (in either a 1-year fast track duration or full 2-year duration) may progress to a 1-year Master of Project Management: 

Master program from One year fast-track master program
Master of Project Management