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To search through the University's entire selection of courses, simply choose your study area(s) from the drop down list below. You're also able to filter by level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate) as well as by available study period. The course schedule and availability for the year is released in October of the year prior; if you are searching for courses before October the results will be for the current academic year and may be subject to change. Although it is likely that similar courses will be offered the following academic year, this cannot be guaranteed and should only be used as a guide on future intakes.

Some helpful hints when choosing your courses

Understand the study load

A typical course load is 18 units per study period (semester) or 36 units per academic year, though students are also able to take a minimum load of 13.5 units per semester. This typically works out to three or four courses per semester. However, when applying we recommend you select six courses per semester so that you have back-ups in case you are unable to enrol in all of your chosen courses when you arrive in Adelaide due to timetable clashes or course changes.

Know your codes

Course codes comprise 4 letters and 4 numbers (e.g. TOUR 1001). Courses beginning with a 1 are generally first year level; courses beginning with a 2 are generally second year level etc. Course codes beginning with a 4 or 5 are graduate level courses. Entry into these courses is typically restricted to students who hold the equivalent of an Australian bachelor degree.

Make sure you meet any prerequisites

Once you have clicked through to any individual course page, you will be able to see whether that course has any pre-requisites (meaning, you're required to have already covered similar content previously). Courses with pre-requisites may need to be approved by the course coordinator during your application's assessment, so it's a good idea to check to check if you've covered similar content before selecting that course.

Choose your campus wisely

UniSA is a multi-campus university. You'll be able to see in the search results where the courses are offered, noting that some courses might be offered at multiple campuses. We suggest that you keep your selection to one or two campuses at the most, as it can get tricky trying to manage classes at too many campuses. The University does offer a campus connector between Mawson lakes and Magill, and all campuses are easily accessible by public transport
or by car.

Get ready to Apply

Once you have selected your courses you're ready to apply! Head back to the How to Apply Page for more detail.