Test Report Form

All candidates are posted one copy of their Test Report Form (TRF) 13 days after the test date. If you would like your results to be sent by Express or Registered Post, please include a self-addressed pre-paid A4 envelope with your Application Form.

Candidates are given the opportunity on each test day to request collecting the TRF in person from the Test Centre reception after 10.00am on the Friday release day, instead of waiting for the post.

Please note: the centre cannot give results out by email, fax or over the phone.

Online results preview

This is available 13 days after the test date. Please click on the icon below to go directly to this web page

IELTS Preview your test results

Results SMS

Candidates are given the opportunity on each test day to receive a provisional results SMS. This is sent by 10:00am on Friday release day and is free. 

Please note: we can only offer this service to Australian mobile phone numbers, not international numbers

IELTS Scores Explained

This service allows candidates to get feedback on test performance with advice on how to improve. To learn more, please click here.

Additional copies of results

You can request up to five original copies of your Test Report Form to be sent to other institutions. You must request this on page 3 of your original application form and there is no charge for this service pre-test.

Please note: Additional copies requested after the test date will incur an administration fee of A$20 per copy excluding GST. This includes replacing lost/damaged TRFs.

  • apply in person to the test centre: complete the form at the test centre and pay by EFTPOS or credit card
  • apply by email: send us your completed Additional TRF Request Form and bank transfer payment confirmation (Account name: CELUSA BSB: 036 000  Account no: 773884) to  ielts.info@unisa.edu.au 

Request for re-marking of results (EOR)

IELTS test results are carefully checked before being released. However, if you believe the test results you have received do not accurately reflect your performance, you are entitled to apply for your test results to be marked again by submitting an IELTS Enquiry on Results Form.

Please note that you must make this request within six weeks of the test date (see the date and fees page for final EOR dates) Once you have submitted your request, it currently takes 1 to 3 weeks to be processed. The remark does not happen at CELUSA IELTS Testing Centre and we have no influence over EOR processing time.

To apply for a remark, you need to submit the EOR form and pay the EOR fee. You no longer need to submit your original Test Report Form.

This means you can either:

  • apply in person to the test centre: complete the form here and pay by EFTPOS or credit card
  • apply by email: send us your completed EOR form and bank transfer payment confirmation (BSB: 036 000  Account no: 773884) to  ielts.info@unisa.edu.au  Put your name and test date as the reference

The EOR fee is A$176 including GST. You will receive a full fee refund if your result is changed to a higher band score.

Medical Transfer/Refund

If you are unable to attend the test due to illness or serious cause, please follow these steps:

  1.  See a doctor and get a certificate stating you were unfit for normal duties on the given test date
  2.  Provide the doctor's certificate plus a completed Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form no later than five working days after the test to CELUSA IELTS Centre

This can be done:

Transfer: there is no administration fee for medical transfers

Refund: the $93.75 administration fee applies for medical refunds