IELTS Test Preparation

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  • One to One private tutor service
  • IELTS Preparation Pack
  • Official online resources


Private One-to-One Tutor Referral Service

Sometimes you might just need some extra help in one particular area to lift your band score to a 6.0 or 7.0. This is often the case with Writing because you don't get feedback from a test on where or how to improve. Spending some time with a personal Writing Tutor, you'll get feedback on how to improve your ideas, structure, grammar and vocabulary.

Tutors can also help you with Reading and Speaking. For Speaking you'll get feedback on your fluency, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. The Tutor will give you suggestions on how to improve your performance.

Unlike some private tutors, all the Tutors we refer candidates to are English language professionals and IELTS experts, so you can be assured you’ll be receiving quality advice and tuition on test preparation and improving your chances of getting a better test score. Tutors usually charge $60 per hour for lessons.

Please email us at to arrange a private lesson


IELTS Preparation Pack

This includes

  • Speaking and Writing Band Descriptors - public version of what IELTS Examiners use to award Speaking and Writing scores
  • Examiner-approved tips
  • Checklist
  • What to expect on the test day
  • Information for Candidates and Bandscore Guide

Download the pack here


Offical IELTS Test Partner resources

IDP Education and Cambridge ELS offer many support services and study tools for IELTS test takers. These include IELTS Assist, IELTS Progress Check and IELTS Advantage. There are also official Youtube videos which cover the basics of the test format and give some simple ideas to help candidates get ready for the IELTS test

Click on the below links to go directly to these official websites

Official Test Partner website

Official IDP IELTS Essentials website 

Free practice tests

Official YouTube videos

Official IELTS Australia website

Official Facebook IELTS page

There is a lot of IELTS preparation material available online; some is useful, some not. We recommend you use official websites so you are guaranteed that the content is genuinely helpful