News from China: update from engineering students

Last month two of our engineering students headed off to northern China to gain industry experience as part of a 20 day internship.

Both students will use the placement towards their industry experience and final year engineering projects. They are the first two students from the University of South Australia to undertake a placement with a Chinese company and will hopefully blaze a trail for future students.

Only 18 days into their industry placement and they are loving every moment. Alex and Lachlan have provided us with this insight into their journey so far;

"The experience has been incredibly beneficial; we have learnt about Chinese culture and have also learnt so much during our internship. We have visited Beijing to experience a New Year's festival, spent a night with our host's family during New Year's Eve, gone skiing in Tianjin, met new people from across the world and experienced local foods. We've also explored the campus and enjoyed using the swimming pool, tennis courts and university gym."