What are the benefits of UniSA and their teaching staff?

"The majority of teaching staff are very friendly, experienced, patient and open-minded. They always try their best to provide support for both local students and international students. For example, most tutors reply to our enquiries promptly via email with considerable patience. Sometimes they offer us (international students) a session to support our study and make us confident.

I've done two internships during my three years of study and I felt that the knowledge I learnt from the University of South Australia (UniSA) and the experience I gained from living in Australia played a crucial role in my workplace performance."

What are your impressions of Adelaide?

"Adelaide is a very beautiful and cosy city in South Australia, the population is less than Sydney and Melbourne and people are friendlier than other places. I can still remember my first day in Adelaide. When I tried to get to the metro information centre I could not find the right way to get there. Many passers-by gave me right directions in very friendly and patient tones."

What is your advice to others?

"I would recommend my friends to consider studying in Adelaide and at UniSA for the following reasons:

  1. Adelaide is a very beautiful city with friendly local people
  2. Adelaide has a convenient public transport system
  3. UniSA has many experienced teaching staff, who are very nice and patient
  4. Local students are friendly and happy to know people with different cultural backgrounds
  5. UniSA has a very modern library system."