Start online in 2022 and join us on campus later.

Take a look at our list of available degrees for Semester 1 2022 (Study Period 5 - July/August and Study Period 6 - September) and get ready to commence your degree online. We’ll send you a customised study plan to make it easy for you to go from online to on-campus as soon as borders reopen.

If you have questions, please take a moment to read through our FAQs below. If you still require further information, we welcome you to get in touch.

Conditions of acceptance

Tuition fees

Student Services Amenities Fee






  • What happens if I choose to defer my enrolment to a future Study Period? minus-thick plus-thick

    If you wish to defer after you have commenced your online study, you must request a deferral and drop your courses on or before the census date of your first Study Period. You will be issued with a new Offer of Admission for the next available Study Period and any tuition fees already paid will be transferred to your new Study Period. You may be required to pay an additional amount to accept your new Offer of Admission for onshore study, as tuition fees will be charged at the standard onshore rate, not the online offshore discounted fee.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Overseas Student Health Cover

  • How much overseas student health cover will I pay? minus-thick plus-thick

    Your Overseas Student Health Cover will start from the Study Period start date in your Offer of Admission. If you arrive onshore later than the start date, you will be able to inform your OSHC provider of your arrival date and your cover will commence from this date. If you have an excess of cover at the end of your stay, you will be able to claim a refund from your provider. Please note this only applies to those students who have arranged their OSHC through the University of South Australia, via Bupa.

Student Visa

  • When should I apply for my student visa? minus-thick plus-thick

    You can apply for a student visa once you accept your offer and receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or wait until the Australian Government lifts the travel ban enabling you to arrive onshore.

    If you choose to apply for your student visa at the time you accept your offer you can use your CoE document to apply for your student visa. Please note your CoE will be created based on a full-time study load (18 units in each Study Period) and if you study less than full-time your CoE may not cover the duration required for you to complete your program onshore and therefore you will need a further student visa.

    If you choose to wait, we recommend you apply for your visa 6 weeks prior to the time you plan to travel. Please contact UniSA International before you apply for your student visa, as your CoE may need to be revised and reissued. Please also note, the Department of Home Affairs has advised that only offshore study undertaken while holding a student visa will count towards the eligibility of a Post Study Work Visa (PSWV). Please see more information on their website

  • What happens if I am refused a student visa by the Australian Government? minus-thick plus-thick

    You will be accepting an offer of admission on the basis that you will apply for a student visa to complete your study onshore in Australia. It is your responsibility to apply for a student visa and the University cannot guarantee you will obtain one. If you receive a student visa refusal prior to the completion of your online course/s and prior to receiving a grade, you will be able to drop your current course enrolment and receive a full refund.

Post Study Work


What is on offer in Semester 1 2022

If you don’t see your degree listed below, it is still being considered for an online commencement and it will be added to one of the below lists soon.

Please note, these lists are for newly commencing students with no credit/RPL. If you have credit or wish to be assessed for credit, your program commencement may differ, dependent on online course availability.